"After being out of the horse world for a number of years, looking after my old horse until she passed away 2 years ago, Jack and Indi came into our lives. I knew I wanted a training method and approach with these two horses which would truly speak to my Heart, I took a leap of faith and so the journey began.

If you're looking for a true and honest relationship beyond many standard beliefs about horses then I would highly recommend Caroline. Working with her has helped me see amazing possibilities that exist between horses and humans, a different perspective and insight that helped remove self created walls. She offers solid ideas for experiencing better relationships, is open minded, quietly assertive, non judgmental and patient. Caroline truly loves horses."

Lorraine,  Lincolnshire

 "Caroline was a lovely lady whom talked us through every step throughout her time with us, she understood the horse and it's problems very quickly and took the correct steps to help him move forward :-) soon had him calmly loading :-) one very happy customer here. Thank you Caroline."

Danny, North Lincolnshire

 "Patient and professional and helped us make huge progress"

Sarah, North Lincolnshire

 "Caroline was very approachable and worked well with my horse and daughter"

Liz, Lincolnshire

 "Caroline was extremely patient with our horse and helped us to realise that his behaviour was not naughtiness but anxiety. The way she worked helped him to relax and also helped us to feel a little less anxious too."

Lynne, South Yorkshire

"It was very good instruction and very well explained"

Lehanne, South Yorkshire 

 "I have found the evening sessions at Skyers Farm very enjoyable and I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys being around equines as there is always something to learn.  For me personally, as I work with horses using Massage and Reiki I found the sessions a valuable way to gain much experience of effectively handling many different equine personalities.  Caroline's instructions and demonstrations were clear for all the groundwork / handling / agility techniques.  I particularly enjoyed sessions where we had many different exercises or obstacles to try around the arena and were able to move around and try different things, giving much variety to keep up interest levels for both ponies and handlers.  The main thing I learned was that gentleness, patience and consistency quickly enabled trust and mutual respect to build with an equine I had never worked with before."

Hayley Drakes, WellBeings Therapies, Belton, Lincolnshire

"It has always been a dream of mine to have a youngster - but it wasn't until I got mine at 5 months old,  just weaned from mum, straight from the field and untouched by human hand -  did  I realise the work I had taken on, being what I would call a novice myself. As my youngster had no role model to teach her how she should behave around humans etc. I wanted to ensure that she was educated in the most natural way possible, using only natural horsemanship. She was a very nervous young thing from day one and had no trust in humans what so ever, was very spooky and began to pick up very naughty habits from her field mates that I had introduced her to. It took her several months to settle into her new environment and even then she would revert to her pray instinct of flight the minute she was uncomfortable with something new or if in doubt kick out. 

I stumbled upon Caroline by chance one day when I was surfing the net looking for some advice on a problem that had arisen with my youngster and what a blessing she has been ever since.   I have been working with my youngster on foundation training from the age of 7 months to ensure she gets the best education possible, in the hope that we build a strong bond of trust. We have worked in a calm, fair and consistent manner. Caroline’s techniques have been adapted to fit the problems that we encountered and there has been a few (the haltering, the leading, the rugging up) are just a few problems that caused her great difficulty as she is so sensitive.  

All Caroline’s techniques are developed on an understanding of communication, equine psychology and behaviour, human psychology and behaviour they are firm, fair and non-violent. Whilst working with Caroline she has provided me with on going support on and off the yard.  Caroline has a vast knowledge of many natural horsemanship techniques, is very professional approachable and is very kind, consistent, always punctual and a real joy to work with She is never judgmental and has become a real friend, whom I feel really comfortable with. We have laughed together and above all, have had lots of fun whilst working, perhaps even shed a little tear on the odd occasion.   I would highly recommend Caroline’s services to anyone who would like to expand their knowledge and understanding of natural horsemanship and to be able to build a  bond that is based on trust  that will last a life time, whilst truly working in partnership with your horse.  I shall continue to expand my knowledge and continue to work with Caroline, furthering the education of my youngster."   

Debbie, Lincolnshire

"Caroline has provided an excellent standard of care for my horses during periods of my absence. Her input has provided me with the necessary reassurance that my horses are in expert hands and the ongoing communication provided by Caroline ensures complete peace of mind. On return from my trips, it is evident that my horses have maintained their usual routines. I cannot recommend her services enough."

Lisa, Lincolnshire

" Once again, thanks for the great lesson, you always teach me something new and loving the groundwork"

"Another fantastic session tonight! Thank you Caroline."

 "Another great lesson with Caroline, helping me to get my confidence back." 

"Another great afternoon with Caroline teaching me natural horsemanship , this lady really knows her stuff.  Thanks Caroline"

"I would like to say a big thank you to Skyers Farm Riding School & Livery Yard and Caroline Holterman for yet another brilliant day I've had doing the "Think like a Horse" course! I'm looking forward to all the other courses in the near future!"

Marie, Lincolnshire

"Thank you for a very interesting day with Caroline Holterman on how horses think. I look forward to using some of this knowledge in the evening class (Developing Your Partnership)  and also when I'm hacking out."

Lynn, Lincolnshire

 "Caroline offers training for both horse and rider and the  ability to have lessons at home. Caroline tries  to gain an understanding of both the horse and rider,  and works with them to become more confident and to work together as a team.  She is  quiet, patient and calm but encouraging and does not push either horse or rider to progress any faster than they feel comfortable with - that is important because Harriet is still a novice rider who lost her nerve due to her fall and breaking her arm earlier in the year.

Caroline is helping us overcome the challenges Harriet and her pony have been experiencing. It is  still work  in progress as it is early days but the pony is happier when Harriet rides him with soft hands (as Caroline has taught her to do) than when someone else rides him and is harsher with the reins - Harriet is learning how to ride to suit the pony and learning to anticipate his moods, movements and getting him to listen to her more. Harriet is getting more confident again and is happier to handle her pony more on the ground and more settled when riding him.  The pony is mostly being less stubborn and Caroline is working through some of his napping, spooking and stubbornness issues with him but still in a calm and patient manner. Caroline works with both Harriet and her pony, increasing their confidence and bringing back the enjoyment for Harriet in having her own pony.

We would  recommend Caroline to others as she is always punctual, cheerful, very nice to deal with and is quietly making really good progress with horse and rider in a gentle but effective way which suits the personality of Harriet and her pony and can be unusual in the horse instructor world (i.e. the quiet, calm and gentle approach!)"

Debbie and Harriet, Lincolnshire


"Thank you for all your help with loading my horse. I practiced everything again today. By the end of the session, she was following me onto the trailer without a head collar or lead rope. Thank you so much" 

Shannon, Lincolnshire

"Excellent course. The topics covered were really useful and it was very interactive" (Horse Psychology)

Pat, Lincolnshire

 "My association with Caroline has unfortunately been short and sweet so far due to injury.  I approached Caroline in the process of trying to find an instructor, having tried a few before her who seemed to be trying to push me towards doing dressage which is not my thing.  I mainly hack my horse out and approached Caroline with a view to getting some help with learning to jump – which my horse can do willingly but without much control or finesse.   Caroline gave us a lesson and worked out quickly what the issues were with me as well as my horse and very patiently and calmly took us back to some basics and our control improved.  Unfortunately just when I thought we were about ready to start putting what we had learnt into practice over jumps my horse injured herself and spent a long time out of work.  Now back in work I am hoping to keep her fit throughout winter and get Caroline back in spring to try and pick up where we left off.  The biggest benefit that I found for me with Caroline over the other instructors that I have tried is that she manages to keep me from getting cross and frustrated with myself when things, even the most basic things, don’t go right."

Fiona, Lincolnshire

"The session allowed me to widen my knowledge. I'm looking forward to further sessions" (Horse Psychology)

Nicola, Lincolnshire

"Thank you for a great training session (Think Like a Horse). The session was really informative and it was great to be able to ask so many questions. I'm looking forward to putting it all into practice" 

Mary, Lincolnshire

"The psychology training was very informative with good discussions. I'm looking forward to further sessions." 

Hayley, Lincolnshire