Working from the ground, forms the corner stone of Caroline's work with horses. Establishing a good relationship on the ground provides a good basis for learning how to communicate with horses which can be directly transferred to all ridden work. Caroline provides lessons in:

  • Working on-line.
  • Working at liberty.
  • Long Lining/Double line lunging.
  • Lunging for longitudinal stretch.
  • Equine agility.
Learning to work your horse from the ground allows you to add an extra dimension to the time you spend together. It is suitable for horses of all ages and abilities. 


Working on-line is useful in developing your partnership with your horse, communicating both at close and long range. It allows you to develop your use of body language, core breathing, feel, coordination and timing. 

Groundwork can be a really useful and fun activity adding an extra dimension to the time that you spend with your horse. It provides a solid foundation for all ridden work and is particularly useful in helping to build confidence in both people and horses alike. On-line sessions can also include equine agility building both you and your horse's confidence in tackling a variety of different obstacles and challenges. 

It can also be enormous fun and very rewarding! Take a look at the video on the right.

Caroline provides instruction in all aspects of working your horse on-line.  


The focus of liberty work is to draw out the horses natural instincts and desire to bond. It can be great fun and very innovative. Caroline focuses on developing a peer based relationship with "two way" communication.

Once all the physical means of control are removed, it allows you to open up other forms of communication such as your use of body language, eye contact and core breathing. Allowing the horse to have free choice (whilst still setting boundaries), is a wonderful way of developing your relationship with your horse and is suitable for horses of all ages. At the heart of liberty work is finding a common ground for communication and allowing the horse to fully express themselves.

Liberty sessions can also include equine agility building both you and your horse's confidence in tackling a variety of different obstacles and challenges.

Caroline provides instruction in all aspects of liberty work.


In today's world of gadgets and quick fixes and the overall focus on the positioning of the horses head to make him "round", the true dynamics of engagement seem to have been lost.

Lunging a horse towards true engagement by encouraging longitudinal stretch allows the horse to raise his back and work correctly from behind. When a horse works in true engagement, the horse's head carriage is always a result of straightness and longitudinal stretching. It is never something that is created spuriously through the use of gadgets such as tight side reins, pessoa's etc.

 Lunging a horse towards developing longitudinal stretch through the combination of the contact on the line, body language and use of energy, eye contact and the minimal use of the whip allows the horse to correctly align and initiate longitudinal stretch from the hindquarters through to the head forming a solid foundation for all correct work. 

Caroline provides instruction in using this unique and beneficial tool.


Long lining/double line lunging is a valuable tool and is particularly useful in preparing the young horse psychologically for future learning, allowing the horse to first experience a person taking the lead from behind (as they would when mounted). It also allows you to increase the variety of your horse's training. 

Caroline will explore with you how to safely use two lines in conjunction with your body language, eye contact and intention, to gain forward momentum as well as how to negotiate turns, halt and back up.